Becoming a recruiter with NonStop means you will receive industry-leading, award-winning training in Prague, the centre of Europe. You will eventually be able to move to any of our offices around Europe, earn high rewards, develop long-lasting relationships, progress to management-level and genuinely succeed.

Why Prague?

Central European Location

Being in the centre of Europe means we can attract employees from all over Europe, and help clients all over Europe. It also offers employees the chance not just to learn new skills but a new culture and, should they wish, a new language.

Investment in Training

Providing industry-leading training to regular intakes of people can be costly yet we want our people to receive the best training possible, which is why we’ve opted for a location with lower costs than somewhere like London.

High Living Standards

Prague is repeatedly ranked among the top 10 expat locations and best European cities to live in. It’s a multicultural city with a Western Europe vibe yet incredibly affordable standards of living. It’s no wonder many of our people choose to stay in Prague!

Helpful Links

If you are considering moving to Prague, we highly recommend you download our Prague Guide and visit the following pages:

What is Recruitment?

Talent is at the forefront of every business’ needs and all want the very best people possible, though don’t always have the time or know-how to find these people. That’s where we come in.

Recruiter, headhunter, talent consultant, talent acquisition – these are all terms for what we do but it’s important to make the distinction between recruitment and HR. The two are not the same. Recruitment is essentially a sales role and is about building relationship with clients and candidates, then helping connect the two. A recruitment consultancy is a profit-generating business and as such, you will be competing for your place in the market with other recruiters, and be negotiating rates with clients.

At NonStop, each day is different. We support our staff with a dedicated training and development team which will help you become a genuine expert in your field and within the industries we work in. You’ll find yourself helping people in a variety of ways from assisting or running blue-chip company recruitment campaigns to being a knowledge centre for industry groups.

Recruitment is normally well suited to people with entrepreneurial spirit, excellent communication and interpersonal skills and last but not least, good listening skills. You need to be resilient and prepared for some failures on your journey. However, the highlights and rewards far outweigh these!


Frequently Asked Questions

Why do people get into recruitment?

There are three main reasons – financial rewards, career development and helping people.

What skills or knowledge do you want me to have?

Because we provide full training and development, we don’t require you to have any previous experience. We are looking for people with the right mind set and who are eager to learn and succeed but who can also accept failure and are resilient enough to keep going. You will need to have excellent communication and listening skills and be open minded.

You talk about investing in potential... Prove it!

We have so many success stories at NonStop but to name a few:

What languages do I need to speak?

You will need a good level of English as this is our language of business. With 26 nationalities working for us, you won’t need to speak native-level English to find success though. As we are active across Europe, we are always looking for people who speak other languages too.

What is the selection process?

Basically, it’s about us seeing if you are right for our business and you seeing if we are right for you. For those of you applying for a recruitment role, we aim to teach you something about recruitment along the way with workshop-style sessions during assessment days. Don’t worry, this is more about us seeing if you will be comfortable talking to people over the phone, and whether you are able to take on and apply feedback. Should you join NonStop, the ability to apply feedback will be key in your development. We typically conduct first stage interviews over the phone, before progressing to in-person interviews for those we think would be a great fit for NonStop.

How does the relocation work?

If you are relocating to Prague to start your NonStop career, we aim to make the transition as easy as possible for you, especially as it might be your first experience living abroad.

Should you opt for assistance, we will arrange:

And whether you opt for the above or not, you will also get access to:

We will also organise a meal out the day before you start work so you can get to know some of your new colleagues.

Throughout this phase, the Talent Acquisition team will be in regular contact and will be able to answer any query or help with any concern.

 I can’t speak Czech, how easy is it to get by in Prague without speaking Czech?

Prague is a multicultural, capital city but is also known as the regional capital for Central and Eastern Europe. It therefore has an extremely large expat community – a January 2017 report shows just under half a million expats live in Prague. It is also a top tourist spot so most people will speak English. Most restaurants have menus in a variety of languages.

In case of emergency – such as a medical or police issue – you will have 24/7 access to a English/Czech speaker.

Should you want to learn Czech, we subsidise language courses, though speaking Czech is not necessary in Prague.

If you need help with translations – rental contracts, for example – there are plenty of Czech speakers at NonStop who are willing to help.

How does the training work?

Our training is based on a coaching and mentoring ethos and is therefore flexible enough to be tailored to your learning needs.

In the first few weeks especially, there will be some group-learning, classroom-style sessions but most of the learning will take place ‘on the job’ – at your desk, computer and phone.

You will also undertake a significant amount of self-study into the sector you will be recruiting within to ensure you are confident to talk to clients and candidates.

There will be clear, transparent targets to meet for each stage but with a dedicated in-house Training & Development team, there will always be someone ready to guide you. Our Quality Assurance team will also be on hand to help you identify and overcome any hurdles.

The training does not stop when you become a full recruitment consultant either. You will receive continual training and development throughout your NonStop career regardless of your role.

How long is the training?

Honestly, it all depends on you. We have had some people progress to full recruitment consultant in a matter of months while others have taken close to a year and yet still found the same success. As long as you can show you are taking on feedback and applying it then we will continue working with you to help you progress.

The initial phases of the training take on average 1.5 to three months.

What happens after my training?

After completing your initial training, you’ll become a junior recruitment consultant and will be allocated your own niche market to build and run. This will be your very own business unit and its success really is down to you. We will continue to provide training and development, with more of a focus on coaching and mentoring.

When can I move to another office?

After being promoted to junior consultant, you’ll be given certain targets by your team leader. These are standardised across the business. Meet them, and you will be able to move.

There’s been mention of Quality Assurance. What is this exactly?

You probably wouldn’t fly in a plane that had not been checked for quality so why would you choose a business partner such as a recruiter that did not offer the same? NonStop is, as far as we know, the only recruitment company in Europe with such a large team of people dedicated to checking the quality of our work. But don’t worry, this team is not a policing tool, they are there to provide you with objective data and help you spot barriers to your development so you can overcome them.

How is NonStop different from other companies offering careers in recruitment?

We offer:

Are there any alternate career paths?

Quite simply, yes. Subject to the internal recruitment process and depending on business need, you could apply to move into the Training & Development team or the Talent Acquisition team once you have found some success on the sales floor.

You will be able to apply for any other open positions within the business at any time.

What does the future hold for NonStop?

We have a clear plan continue our growth trajectory not just in size but new geographies and markets, which is entirely down to our people. If you or any of our people want to move into a new market or location, or even open an office in a new location and it makes business sense, you will be supported to do so.




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