If you’ve read the other pages on this site, you’ll have been given an insight into our business and how we operate but who better to tell you just how it is than our own employees. See below for what some of them had to say about their NonStop journey.

I really value the fact that I can grow my career. Just over two years ago I started as a trainee Recruitment Consultant. Three promotions later, I’m a Team Leader. The job gets more exciting now as I am recruiting for people for my own team and I will be directly involved in their development.

Anna Budner
Talent Acquisition Team Leader

My 2011 self surely would not believe that in 2016 I would manage a team of eight people, have a nice car and own an apartment in London. I came to NonStop bankrupt with no money and very little opportunities in front of me! This may sound too good to be true, but for someone who really wants to make it happen then it really can, I am living proof. What makes NonStop different from many companies is that the company owners are truly bought-in to growing the company, and bought-in to every person that works here.

Matthew Beedle
Acting Associate Director

I’ve been with NonStop for almost three years now and if anyone told me three years ago that you can learn and change so much in this time, I wouldn’t have believed it! What I love most about NonStop is that you always have the space to learn something new, to take on a new challenge and you simply can’t get bored!

Elena Dumitrescu
Quality Assurance Team Leader

To say a training programme has changed my life might seem like a gross exaggeration but with NonStop’s programme, I have grown both professionally and personally. It is designed to help you improve as a recruiter, to develop in a way that gives you a competitive edge over your market rivals. The competitive edge is a greater development of empathy and the ability to differentiate yourself in an industry that’s littered with individuals and companies who ignore the human aspect of our industry.

Kugan Naidoo
NonStop Education Team Leader

I joined NonStop as a recent graduate with limited work experience. I knew two things – I wanted a career that would allow me to progress quickly and provide me with an extensive training in an international environment. Over the last two years I progressed from trainee to the top billing team leader. The continual support, training and coaching and limitless growth potential proves this an excellent career path, especially for motivated people.

Dove Jociute
Acting Associate Director



Since beginning my NonStop adventure I’ve been surprised by how I have grown, not only professionally but also personally. I’ve had the opportunity to learn about and experience many facets of business that perhaps do not fall under my direct remit. Other companies can tend to channel you into a narrow rut but at NonStop, I’ve had the chance to branch out. Simply put, I’m learning nonstop and adding to my skillset on an ongoing basis.

Chris Crawford
Marketing Associate

Since I’ve been at NonStop I’ve completely changed my concept of meritocracy. After three years I’m leading the development of over 15 consultants and every little piece of my effort has been repaid tenfold. Only the sky stands above us!

Giulio Segantini
Acting Director

It gives me no greater personal and professional satisfaction than to train and develop our new employees, to ensure they become our success stories of tomorrow. Providing them with a customised approach based on their way of learning, together with the other Training & Development team members, we help and guide our new employees with their first steps within the recruitment industry.

Cristina Banuta
Training & Development Team Leader

NonStop gave me the opportunity to work remotely from home as a part-timer while finishing my university studies. Once I started working full-time in the office, it took me five months to go from QA Specialist to Senior QA Specialist and eventually become a QA Team Leader. This shows you can really fast-track your career with NonStop and at the same time obtain a transferable and unique skill set.

Marek Caladi
Quality Assurance Team Leader

I joined back in 2007 as a budding graduate at a time when NonStop had only 25 employees. I have seen this business grow and develop beyond my wildest dreams. We have become a business about quality, ethics and making sure our team have long-term careers no matter what they do. Colleagues have become long-term friends and NonStop has become ingrained into my DNA, shaping me into the person I have become today.

Abid Kanji
Acting Director

The training programme the company has developed is incredible. In just two months, I was promoted, having been given the training and support I needed to build my own market. Not only did it teach me all aspects of recruitment, it also improved my confidence and general workplace skills. I came from a sales background and I think I learned a lot more about sales in those two months of training than I had in the previous five years.

Josh Reavenall
NonStop Care Team Leader

I joined NonStop in 2013 when I was 25 and like most people at that age, I had no idea what my future goals were; I just wanted to try something new and exciting. The training and career progression potential offered by NonStop helped me to develop so quickly that I now manage an office of 150 people in Prague and have a realistic retirement target in place and which I should achieve in the next 5-10 years. It has completely changed my life.

Ben Jones

I am quite a new part of NonStop and moved to Prague specifically because of what NonStop offered. It has an amazing team, which made all these changes really easy for me and I am thankful for that. And working in the Facilities & Procurement department is something which brings new surprises everyday and never leaves me bored, which I love!

Daniel Maly
Facilities & Purchasing Support Specialist

I joined NonStop Recruitment in 2015 in need of a new challenge and I have not regretted the decision. It’s dynamic company with passionate and enthusiastic owners who continue to drive it forward and bringing the management team along for the journey. It is a company in which you can learn a lot, do a lot, gain great experience and genuinely feel part of the business’ direction.

Leigh Tozer
Head of Operations

Having worked at NonStop for six years I’ve seen it grow from a company with a small office in Shad Thames to a business with a pan-European office network, well over 200 employees and still undergoing rapid growth. I’m in awe of what my colleagues are achieving every day and love seeing them develop personally and professionally – just as I have developed and continue to learn on an ongoing basis. Being a part of the NonStop story has quite literally been a life-changing experience.

Nathan Jones

It’s our people that make our business great. Our culture is based on core values, a supportive working environment, continual development and individual recognition. This is what drives us to achieve the best as a team. My story is one of the many examples of NonStop’s development opportunities. I joined the business in an entry-level position in March 2008 and eight years on, I am heading my own department! I love the fact one never stops learning at NonStop.

Marketa Littlemore
Head of Talent Acquisition

I’ve worked at NonStop since 2008 and what a journey it has been! I’ve developed both professionally and personally and have grown with the business. NonStop isn’t just a career, it’s a family.

Zuzana Adams

I’ve been with NonStop since October 2013 and during that time, I have had the pleasure to meet so many wonderful people from all across Europe. They became my friends outside of work as well as reliable colleagues from whom I have learnt a lot. They are one of the many things I appreciate about working at NonStop.

Lenka Lerchova
Finance Team Leader

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